Web Solutions

so·lu·tion n. 

a. The method or process of solving a problem.
b. Refers to the deliverables produced by any project, assuming that the completion 
of which will result in resolving a business problem or fulfilling a business need.

All services provided by 241 Computer Services are provided as solutions. We analyze your business needs and recommend a combination of services which will fulfill that need in the most cost effective and customer-friendly manner. Different services are appropriate for different businesses: not every business will sell its product online through an ecommerce store and not every data management system requires the use of SSL Certificates to encrypt traffic. Most important is knowing when to apply each technology to achieve your business goals - to maximize return on investment, improve customer service, reach a new market or whatever you have in mind, our solutions provide the answer to your problem. Some of our available solutions include:

  • Ecommerce Stores
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Live Support Online
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Remote Backups
  • SSL Certificates