About 241 Computer Services

241 Computer Services is baised out of Mansfield Ohio.

At 241 Computer Services, we offer comprehensive solutions to equip you and your business for the 21st century. We will personally interact with you to ensure that you receive the services you want and that your needs are met. Our focus is three-fold as stated on our front page: affordable... scalable... solutions. Each of these attributes is essential to being success in the digital revolution.


We realize that you as the business owner depend on it's financial growth for your own return. Affordable does not simply refer to inexpensive, but rather to a ratio of investment verses payoff. You will find that the results from your web site or computer hardware will far outweigh its costs. Our third focus, scalability, plays a large factor in the afford ability of your web site.


Your web site will be designed with the future growth of your company in mind. Our servers are capable of much more than typically required, providing immediate room for growth of your site and its traffic. The layout and design of your site will allow the addition of new information or products which you may need to offer via the Internet in the future. This scalability will allow you to upgrade your website much more affordable than if you had to do a complete redesign each time new information was required. Your computer hardware will be designed with longevity in mind. Your system will built to meet and exceed your current needs and be upgradeable to meet your future needs.


All of our service offerings are not just services or products but business solutions. Our goal is not to sell you on the services we provide but to provide a solution which fulfills a need in your business.


At the head of the 241 Design Teams, you will find either of our two senior developers, Peter Drake and Nicholas Boller.

Peter Drake is a graduate of Grove City College in Grove City, PA. Peter founded 241 Computer Services in 1996 and since has been the senior developer for more than 30 commercial web projects. He founded 241 Computer Services because of his enjoyment of the Internet and talent for web site design and web programming. In 1999, 241 Computer Services became a partnership with the addition of Nicholas Boller.

Nicholas Boller graduated from Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. Nicholas joined 241 Computer Services in the spring of 1999. He currently teaches the new iTech & Game Design Career Tech program at Mansfield Senior High School in Mansfield, OH in addition to being a developer and lead hardware support annalist with 241 Computer Services.

 241 Computer Services - Tech Services Division is run by Nicholas Boller.
The Tech Services division has over 20 years of experance in setting up AV Equipment, computer hardware, software and computer trouble shooting and repair.